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Build Your Eye-Catching Makeup Portfolio with Acclaimed Beauty Photographer Kate sZatmari

You’ve been building your portfolio aggressively. You’ve been sending emails to all the right places. You’ve even gotten over 1000 followers on Instagram. But for some reason you’re just not getting the jobs you think you should be

Is this you?

If so, this workshop was built for you.

Over the past 15 years, award-winning beauty photographer Kate sZatmari has hired hundreds of makeup artists to work with her studio, and has supported many of them along the way by helping them perfect their portfolios.

Make-up artists working with her studio have been published along in Harper’s Bazaar, Elle, Glamour and Rolling Stone, among many other global publications.

But the simple fact is, for every makeup artist she’s worked with, she’s had to reject dozens more. In this workshop, Kate will go over the details of WHY she’s chosen certain makeup artists who’ve reached out, and why she’s rejected others.

At the end of this 2-hour workshop, you’ll have the tools you need to build the portfolio that will GET YOU JOBS (and access to a mentor as you progress through your career).

So, what do you say? Are you ready to build an eye-catching makeup Portfolio with Acclaimed Beauty Photographer Kate sZatmari?

On Saturday, June 10 from 10am-12pm learn how to build a killer makeup artist’s portfolio, along with crucial tips for working with photographers in the industry.

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Join us June 10 – $75

2-Hour Portfolio with Kate sZatmari

Your Opportunity to Enter the Mind of an Acclaimed Beauty Photographer

Saturday, June 10, 10am-12pm in Hollywood

2 Hour Workshop Breakdown:

Part 1. Verbal & Visual (90 minutes)

“Sometimes you have to go back to the basics!”
How to effectively reach out to beauty photographers…

  • Is this the right photographer for you?
  • How to write an email that gets their attention. Subject title, what to include, exclude, visual content, blunders to avoid, and just how long your email should be.

[Template handouts: Examples of effective & non-effective emails]

“Your email rocked!” 
The photographer is viewing your online portfolio…

  • Do you have a beauty category?
  • What message is your website sending right off the bat?
  • What type of images is the photographer looking for in your portfolio? (visual examples)
  • Skincare, glamour, commercial, editorial – do you have it all?
  • How to cut loose dead weight, quality over quantity. Make your images work for you!

“When is it your turn?”
How a beauty photographer selects makeup artists to work with for specific jobs…

  • Food Chain: If you build a relationship with a photographer, are you being considered for new jobs? If you are new to the photographer, how can they test you out prior to providing you jobs?
  • Discussion on how to put your skills to the test, the chemistry between makeup artist and photographer, communication, and execution of mutual campaigns. (visual examples of makeup application blunders to avoid!)

[Template handouts: Things a photographer never wants to hear on set]

“Collect, pass, GO! You got a beauty job!”
How you can ensure you’re rehired…

  • Questions to ask the photographer/producer before the job (brief discussion)
  • What questions to ask the morning of the job upon arriving on set – are there any last minute changes?  (Take a sneak peek at this section by downloading our FREE 65 Career-Changing Tips for Makeup Artists.)
  • A few things to remember during the shoot

[Template handouts: 65 Career-Changing Tips for Makeup Artists]

“Reality check! Timing & luck.”

  • Discussing personal on-set experiences with makeup artists, both good and bad.
  • There are some things you can’t control. Here are some reasons you may be rehired or not, even when it’s not your fault.

Part 2. Q&A (30 minutes)

Join us June 10 – $75

“Kate and I worked together for many years.  She nurtured my talent, helped me fine tune my skills and the images that were created highly elevated my beauty portfolio to the next level. I am extremely grateful for her support throughout my career.”

– Sayuri M., Makeup Artist

Have you met Kate?

If you’re wondering why you should study with Kate, here are a few reasons:

She’s won 2 WMA awards for Best Editorial 

She’s published in Top-of-Industry Publications:
Kate has been published in Glamour, Elle, Harper’s Bazaar, Rolling Stone, Gioia, Upscale, Ebony, and many other publications (that we hope you have subscriptions to).

Her talents have been used by the most competitive brands in beauty:
Kate has worked with distinguished beauty brands including La Prarie, O.P.I., Lorac, Ilia Cosmetics, Senna, Toppik, and Son & Park (just to name a few).

She remembers, we all started somewhere.
Kate always wanted to be a photographer. She loved capturing beauty everywhere she went, from the first time she was allowed to use her family’s point-and-shoot when she was 13-years-old. It took a lot of hard work to get where she is, and it is now her passion to seek out incredible talent and share tools to help new artists grow; to have the opportunities that she did.

Join us June 10 – $75


4 Key Modules in this Workshop that Change the Game:

  • Learn how to effectively reach out to a photographer.

  • Congrats! The photographer is looking at your website! But what message is it sending them?

  • The ins-and-outs of how Kate chooses makeup artists to work with and recommend for specific jobs.

  • How can you guarantee that the photographer will want to work with you again?

Register for the 2-Hour Killer Makeup Portfolio with Beauty Photographer Kate sZatmari before we run out of seats!

Join us June 10 – $75