For most small businesses, marketing is simple. There is a clear path that many have followed and you can find endless instructions on the internet. But for creative professionals, the path is a bit different. Here are some quick tips that can go a long way in marketing yourself in the beauty industry. 

I think every beauty professional wants to see their work in Times Square. At least, that’s what always motivated me. I was like Jennifer Aniston in “Picture Perfect”— I saw those massive, luminous billboards and thought “I want that.”

But…no one starts in Times Square. So, if you have your aims set high, here are 3 things I want to make sure you’ve ALREADY DONE to establish yourself as an artist who is ready for massive, luminous billboards. 


1. Check this: What happens if I search Google for your name? First and last?

The first Google listing should be your website, unless you’ve been featured in a Vogue editorial recently, worked with a major celebrity, or appeared in a Ted Talk. If you do not already own your domain name (, go buy the domain for your name right now and forward it to your website. If you don’t already have a website, make sure your domain forwards to your Instagram or whichever portfolio platform you’re currently using.

Okay now, back to Google: keep scrolling. What else shows up? What can you do to fill up this first page with listings about you? (If you have a very common name, it also works to search for “Your Name + Your Profession” (ex: Kate sZatmari Photographer).

2. Update your social media platforms (particularly Instagram) regularly.

As you (of course) already know, many people will check your Instagram as an indication of your popularity (and even your ability) before hiring you. This is one great reason to grow your social media audience.

But there is another reason that is so simple, it’s kind of funny.

Your friends are connected to you through social media—so are your clients; so are professionals you’ve worked with. Even my mother follows me on Instagram.

You may think it’s boring to post daily professional updates, but it actually demonstrates that you’re good enough to get work every day. Additionally, a constantly updated portfolio demonstrates your growth in ways that you might not see yourself.

Not sure what to post on social media? Studies show that the most important aspect of getting fans or followers is to post content that is consistent in style and speaks to a particular interest on a regular (frequent) schedule.

The fact is, the more you post, the more engagement you’ll get. Just make sure that there is a clear theme running through all of your content, so new fans know what to expect from you and will want to follow you to get more of it.

3. Are you posting videos?

Our industry is on the move. We’re in front of cameras all day long. We’re working with interesting people in fun and creative ways.

Your fans want to see the world you’re working in. If you have the personality I expect you do (given your profession), they want to get to know you. In this day and age, a video is the best way for you and your fans to “get to know” each other, especially because they may be following you from all around the globe.

If you don’t have a YouTube page associated with your name yet, get one!

A quick tip for a great video: Check out the free app Hyperlapse. If you’re a makeup artist, you can create a close-up video of one of your jobs then speed it up to the 15-second maximum required for Instagram videos.

These are just a few quick tips for creating an online presence impressive enough that maybe one day you’ll walk through New York and see your work alive and brilliant all around you. 🙂

Questions? Comment below and I’ll respond to them as soon as I can!

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