In the creative industry, time is money, period—there are always things you can do to make sure you get the most out of each and every photo shoot. As a creative professional, your goal is to impress your client and create valuable results.

The key is to prepare, prepare, and then prepare some more. How?

I’m glad you asked…

Photo by Kate sZatmari for Nude Magazine

1. Have a vision

Regardless if you are the creative director, the photographer, the makeup artist or the model, having a clear vision is crucial for a successful photoshoot. This means carefully creating and/or studying a mood-board before the photoshoot. If you have concerns, you will catch them early. The more familiar you are with the content, tone and expectations of the photoshoot, the less time you will need to execute them once on set. 

2. Be on time, aka early

An amazing photoshoot is an amazing collaboration—each person on set is a necessary piece of a moving puzzle. If you’re late, you’re an expense and you’ll stress people out, which will stress even more people out…you get the picture. Get to know yourself: figure out how long it takes you to work at your best pace, and give yourself that time. You’ll be doing yourself (and everyone) a favor. 

3. Engage

People are often afraid to speak up in big collaborative situations—make sure you ask for what you need for the job. Don’t wait for the shot to come to you—create it. If something isn’t working, fix it. Stay off your phone.

4. Stay in your lane

Photoshoots are collaborations, so this is essential. Remember that you are only an expert in your own field, not in anyone else’s.

Photo by Kate sZatmari, makeup by Stephanie Navarro

5. Be encouraging

Everyone wonders whether they are doing a good job. If you love something someone is doing, say so.  Don’t underestimate the power of positivity during a creative collaboration. 

Photo by Kate sZatmari, makeup by MissMeeshie, model renown violinist Lindsey Stirling for LeFair Magazine

6. Have fun

You won’t be able to enjoy any part of what you are doing if you’re stressed out, unprepared and running late. The point of preparing, preparing, and then preparing some more is to give yourself space to be creative, which is why we are in this industry to begin with, right? 😉

Did you enjoy these 6 tips? They’re just one small part of our 65 tips for make artists, a cheat sheet to use to help prepare for your next big shoot.

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