We’re here to provide you with tips and tools to push your career as far as you want to go.

Everyone in a creative industry knows that a successful creative professional is impressive because we don’t rely on guidebooks to make it as far as we do.

You can go to art school. You can go to business school. You can be the top of your class—this does not guarantee that you will rise to the top.

We say: keep studying. Perfect your craft and industry at the same time. Network with other professionals—understand that they can teach you things you didn’t know you needed to learn.  Most importantly, study in an environment where you can fully enjoy the process of learning.

That’s what we’ve created for you here: a place to learn, to network, to grow, and to enjoy the process of becoming known in this industry.


The beauty industry is a competitive creative space, made up of artists from different personal and professional backgrounds who collaborate in creating epically beautiful campaigns. There is one problem: we are all trained separately.

DNA Beauty Academy was created with one goal: to unify the artists. Our beauty library articles are crafted to support beauty professionals in working seamlessly with one another. The more we learn about each other’s craft and language, the better we will realize our creative visions.


A brief (and incomplete) overview of Kate’s career: she’s been published in Glamour, Elle, Harper’s Bazaar, and Rolling Stone. She has won 2 WMA awards for Best Editorial, and worked with distinguished beauty brands including La Prarie, O.P.I., Lorac, and Ilia Cosmetics. She’s collaborated with hundreds of creative artists, mentoring dozens throughout her career.

She created DNA because she wants to see artists succeed in this field.

Kate worked hard to get where she is; she is passionate about seeking talent and sharing the tools she’s learned, helping new artists develop faster and better.

Start Improving Your Sklls

I have learned what to look for in a beauty model, how to plan a cohesive story and how to edit my portfolio and keep my strongest images. As an artist it is easy to want to keep every single shoot you have done but a quality second opinion gave me the confidence to let go of old images because I learned why they weren’t helping me.

Now my book has an elevated quality of work that shows a range of looks and now I know how to maintain that.

Stephanie Navarro , Makeup Artist